Estelle Yomba commissions young Cameroonians to “be either the First or the best”

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Estelle Yomba the young Cameroonian woman in Tech working at Google asked young Cameroonians to be the first or the best in all they do. She was speaking during a Fireside discussion event organized by Seven Advanced Academy on the 3rd of October 2019 following her first official working visit back home as CEO.

The Firechat was attended by young tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Moderated by the Director of communications at Seven Academy George Munang, the CEO started by appreciating the warm welcome accorded her in the country and the young minds who came to share in her story. 

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Fireside discussion event with the CEO

One could feel the anxiety in the participants when she started narrating her academic history full of strength and dynamism.  

“When I was 7, my Mum always told me; my daughter, the best way to get out of poverty is education. To me, she meant to say “the best way out of poverty is quality education”. I quickly understood this at a very early age and it gave me a different perspective of studying. I  always saw myself special and different. I had in the back of my mind that I was educating myself to be a solution to my family and society not just to pass exams and impress my parents” 

“When I lost my Mum and my Dad, my status as an orphan in secondary school taught me one lesson; that it was either I was the first or I was the best in all I do. This internal drive is what has pulled me through to this level”

Many were the moments where the participants applauded the wisdom and strives of the young woman-in-tech. From her story, many learned what it means to be determined and get what you want in life, how to go to school with a purpose, how to be unique and progress, what it means to be a female entrepreneur, the secrets of using your limitations to overcome your challenges and a bunch of life-changing inspirational.

“Two major things caught my attention, her spirit of EXCELLENCE and the EMPIRE she is building in Africa,” said Stephanie Kingue one of the participants

Many questions were asked by the Tech lovers and most recurrent was the one on mentorship

“What mechanism has been put  in place by you based on your rich career accomplishments  to mentor young Cameroonians with brilliant ideas and passion in technology?”

This question was quickly answered by the Google employee and founder of Sunshine Africa education Estelle Yomba. 

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Considering how closed Quality Training is to her heart, she used the occasion to officially declare the launching of Seven Incubation Center that will be known as Seven Global Procurement and Sourcing (Seven GPS).

The fire chat that was programmed to take just two hours ended up lasting for five hours as participants kept shouting down the moderator “no noo noo!!! let’s continue the discussion”

Starting at 6 pm the interesting and interactive discussion ended at 10 pm with photoshoots and refreshments.

women in tech

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