WHO are we?
Promoting Quality Education in Africa
WHAT do we do?
Helping in the implementation of UN SDGs Goal number 4
WHY do we do what we do?
Poor education has stereotyped Africans to the JOB stigma disease

Our Vision

Redefine Quality education in Africa

Founders :

Mr and Mrs Yomba in 2014.

Targeted Group :

Underprivileged young people, women in science and technology.

Mission and Goal :

Provide internationally accepted quality education to Africans for a better Africa

Current Projects

  • Creation of an IT Training Institution in Cameroon - Seven Advanced Academy
  • Provision of fully funded scholarships to War fleeing Internally displaced students from the North West and South West regions
  • Provision of partial and fully funded scholarships to women passionate in technology and intelligent science students to study Full-stack web application development at Seven Academy

Massive Youth Unemployment Due To Poor Curriculum And Teaching Techniques

An estimated 10 million graduates enter the African workforce each year. By 2040, the continent’s labor force is expected to surpass that of India and China. The lack of skills oriented education has been the major reason for youth unemployment in Africa.

We are therefore interested to change this narrative by promoting skills oriented education from secondary to university level. This type of education will open the minds of young people to better understand that being professional surpasses just getting classroom lectures.

Mass Exodus By African Youths Due To Poor Education Orientation.

Poor education orientation has caused the ancien job stigma among African youths.
Most Africans are taught how to go to school and get a job after which has left millions of Africans with shallow professional skills to solve real problems. The African Union estimates that about 70,000 skilled professionals emigrate from Africa every year.

Many argue it is due to lack of jobs but we think it is greatly due to poor education orientation. Currently, Africa is the world’s youngest continent, yet the continent is able to create only about 3 million jobs annually.

Our Main Activities

Quality Education

We are improving learning conditions such as environment, standard teaching curriculum, trending teaching techniques, and helping schools introduce skill-oriented learning in Africa.

Underpriviledge Assistance

Assistance for access to quality education for underpreviledged persons.


Inspire African kids in science and Technology

Learning Support.

Provide learning materials to deficient education institutions.

Education Campaigns

Organize Capacity building seminars and workshops

Talent Identification

Identify and encourage excellent college graduates to pursue quality further education and training

Promoting good policies

Encourage public policy in the growth of African Digital Economy

Promoting Equality

Fight against Education Discrimination (all forms) in Africa
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