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Sunshine Africa Education

Who We are

Sunshine Africa Education is a US Registered category A 501(c)(3 ) Non profit organization poised to redefine the phase of Quality education in Africa. It operates with the mission to provide internationally accepted standard education to Africans targeting Underprivileged young people and women passionate about science and technology.

Our Vision

Redefine Quality education in Africa
Mr and Mrs Yomba, during the launching dinner of Seven Advanced Academy in Douala, Cameroon, 2019


Mr and Mrs Yomba in 2019.

Targeted Group

Underprivileged young people, women in science and technology.
sunshine africa
Seven Advanced Academy Lab

Mission and Goal

Provide internationally accepted quality education to Africans for a better Africa

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If you want to Donate, Please click on the button below.

If you want another donate option, please contact us on +1 (408) 471-7691 or via email : info@sunafredu.org