Sunshine Africa Education

Ongoing Projects

Seven Academy

Seven Academy is an IT Training Institute that trains young Cameroonians on highly-paid in-demand IT skills to enable them access high-quality jobs worldwide or create problem-solving startups in Cameroon. Seven Academy is fast becoming a national leader in professional training in the domain of Digital Technology.

Seven GPS

The essence of Seven GPS is to incubate talents from Seven Academy by providing fieldwork experience in IT. Nurture them after training to ensure the release into the job and entrepreneurial market IT professionals capable of standing international competition and working on challenging digital projects. 

Our Main Activities

Quality Education

We are improving learning conditions such as environment, standard teaching curriculum, trending teaching techniques, and helping schools introduce skill-oriented learning in Africa.

Underpriviledge Assistance

Assistance for access to quality education for underpreviledged persons.


Inspire African kids in science and Technology

Learning Support.

Provide learning materials to deficient education institutions.

Education Campaigns

Organize Capacity building seminars and workshops

Talent Identification

Identify and encourage excellent college graduates to pursue quality further education and training

Promoting good policies

Encourage public policy in the growth of African Digital Economy

Promoting Equality

Fight against Education Discrimination (all forms) in Africa
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