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Seven Kids Code - Cameroon

Sometime in June, Mme Estelle Yomba, Co-founder of Sunshine Africa Education and CEO of Seven Advanced Academy wrote what I will call – an open letter to parents:

Here is an excerpt of the letter: 

“It’s my opinion that parents of every pupil or student in every school, at every level in our country, should demand that all students be taught how to code…

If you’ve ever sat down with kids in any kind of computer science class, you’ll understand that from a developmental perspective, the type of thinking that goes into learning to code is very sophisticated.  It’s complex, multifaceted, and requires children to think deeply, rather than memorising information based on repetition.”

Seven Kids Code Was Born Out Of The Desire To See Kids Learn More Than Coding

Seven Kids Code is today three years old.

Listening to the kids who completed the last session, I understood what Mme Yomba felt seeing these kids develop from no experience in coding to solving real life challenges within six weeks.

So, I picked some projects to share.

3 Projects From Seven Kids Code

  1. Tour Cameroon

A simple touristic site that portrays the beauty of Cameroon. This project was inspired by the CAN2021 that will be hosted in Cameroon in 2022.

At Tour Cameroon, visitors can explore Cameroon region by region, discover the countries tourist attractions.

  1. Appareil Digestif 

The Appareil Digestif project was inspired by the children’s difficulties in class understanding particular topics like the digestive system. With this application, other students can easily understand how the gut works. As you will imagine, a quiz is included. 

  1. BMI Calculator

This BMI Calculator is another practical application from health-conscious kids. This calculator provides body mass index (BMI) and the corresponding BMI weight status category. 

Should Every Kid Be A Programmer?

I don’t think so. Mme Yomba does not think so either. In her open letter, she said:

“…I strongly believe this skill is needed for the future of our children. Not because all our kids should end up in a career in tech, but because computer science impacts almost every professional career you can think about in the world today and in the foreseeable future…”

We wish these kids the best in their future careers, and Sunshine Africa Education will continue to support them whatever way we can.

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